12 Brilliant Tiny Houses That Will Make You Feel Right At Home.


Throughout the years, houses have been bigger and more lavish than every. However, some people like to take a step back into the past and go smaller. With these ideals, many are making the move to small, movable homes. Below, you’ll discover 12 of the coolest small houses ever!

#1 Sitting on a Rock

This one is definitely strange. It is small, isolated and sits on a rock. With that type of isolation, it must provide the owner with pure serenity. The house was built over 45 years ago.

#2 Casa do Penedo

The house, which is located in the Fafe Mountains, is actually built of stone! Surprisingly, it is even fitted with a swimming pool!

#3 The Floating Home

Architect, Dymitr Malxew, built this one. I guess it could be referred to as a house boat. Either way, that has to provide the owner with pure nirvana.

#4 The Bird House

Japan has always created crazy stuff. Here, they’ve designed their very own bird house. It looks like a bird and it sits in a tree. Kind of a metaphor huh?