15 Pictures That Show How The World Has Changed Over Time

Re- photographies! There is something fascinating about photographing the same place again and again, isn’t it? And the world is full of beautiful places. Rephotography tells a lot of stories; fascinating ones and with just two pictures you can easily make out how the place has changed with time. Count in all the famous landscapes, or even castles, ruins and national buildings. They have all changed in color, surroundings and of course modernization. The website re.photos is such a platform where the photographers collect before- and- after pictures, suited for both places and people.
Images via re.photos

Here are the pictures that show how the world has changed drastically over time.

1. Rysstad, Norway as seen in 1888 and 2013
Don’t you love the way the white building is still standing there?

2. Was peaceful, still peaceful: Norway, 1887- 2004
So peaceful. Looks like a dream.

3. The Martin Luther statue, Germany
Woah! And those grey bricks are from the original building.

4. Paris, France, 1900- 2017
We love the trees of course, but the buildings looked so beautiful before.

5. Pripyat, Ukraine (1986- 2016)
And yet nature ruled it all.

6. Hofbrauhaus Munchen, Germany (1910 – 2017)
It is amazing how the buildings never change.

7. The Chaney Glacier, USA
Now, this is sad.

8. Crossroad of Sw. Marcin Streets, Poland (1945)

9. Moulin Rouge, Paris, France (1900 – 2016)

10. Reichstag, Germany as seen in 1945 and 2012

11. The Eiffel Tower, Paris, France (1910 and 2016) 

12. Mount Saint Michel, France!
Looks like a fairytale.

13. Hammerfest, Norway

14. Marcin Street, Poznan, Poland as seen in 1945

15. Osnabruck, Germany